Tuesday 24 February 2015

Variety of sweet Home Made Mango Juice

Mango is a fleshy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The mango is native to India from where it spread all over the world. It is one of the most cultivated fruits of the tropical world. While other Mangifera species are also grown on a more localized basis, Mangifera indica – the common mango or Indian mango – is the only mango tree commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions, and its fruit is distributed essentially worldwide.
In several cultures, its fruit and leaves are ritually used as floral decorations at weddings, public celebrations and religious ceremonies.

The Mango Juice is generally sweet, although the taste and texture of the flesh varies across cultivars, some having a soft, pulpy texture similar to an overripe plum, while the flesh of others is firmer, like acantaloupe or avocado, or may have a fibrous texture. For consumption of unripe, pickled or cooked fruit, the mango skin may be consumed comfortably, but has potential to cause contact dermatitis of the lips, gingiva or tongue in susceptible people (see above). Under-ripe mangoes can be ripened by placing them in brown paper bags. They will then keep in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for about four or five days.In ripe fruits which are commonly eaten fresh, the skin may be thicker and bitter tasting, so is typically not eaten.

Home made Fresh Ripe Mango Juice
Summer is the only season one can relish fresh homemade ripe mango juice and I make best use of our home grown mangoes. ‘Suvarnarekha’, a variety of sweet Mango Drinks is best suited to prepare mango juice. Its pulp blends well to yield a smooth creamy juice.
The next time you head for that Frooti or a bottle of Slice or Maaza, do yourself a favor by blending a glass of fresh mango juice to relish the real taste of mango with all its nutrients. :)
Peel and chop ripe mango into pieces, place in blender with crushed ice, water and sugar OR honey OR date syrup as required. Blend to a smooth consistency and run through a sieve. Discard the left over pulp in the sieve. Pour into tall glasses and serve.

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