Monday 16 February 2015

Mango fruit Pure juices and Natural Drinks for Your Body Health

Mango's have risen from relative obscurity as a novel tropical fruit smoothies and other types of pure juices and natural drinks. 

While it has reached popularity for its naturally sweet taste, there are a lot of things that the average consumer probably doesn't know about this tropical fruit and its vast health benefits. The first has to do with digestive health, and is probably one of the most powerful and universally beneficial reasons to keep it in your daily diet.

Mango fruit as a natural laxative and regulator-

Mango is one of the most potent natural laxatives you’ll find. Even in it’s dried form, mango can help to regulate the elimination process. This is because it has numerous beneficial enzymes which help to move things along, while it also contains concentrated amounts of the types of fiber that help move things along the digestive tract more quickly.

Since it’s natural, you don’t get the typical cramping and discomfort you’d get with a commercial laxative. It simply helps to both clean the intestines and colon while also encouraging these important elimination organs to pass the food or blockages through more quickly. Incorporating a whole mango (medium sized) into your diet a few times a week can really make a difference in your digestive comfort by reducing the bloating, gas and discomfort that typically accompanies irregularity.

Mango fruit are alkalizing and improve digestive-

It may seem contradictory to logic since these fruits are very sweet, but mango's are actually quite alkalizing inside the body. This may explain why they are so soothing to the digestive tract and help to relive constipation and IBS so comfortably. They help reduce excessive stomach acid and acid indigestion as well, and create an alkaline environment. This may also be part of why they have an anti-inflammatory effect on skin conditions like acne.

Mango fruit are abundant in vitamin E and iron-
Most people only expect to find iron and vitamin E in grains and meats, however Mango Fruit Drink are surprisingly rich in both. Iron is a necessary mineral to prevent anemia and is essential in the formation of healthy red blood cells. This can make them an excellent food for pregnant women, who are especially in need of this mineral.

The vitamin E offers numerous health benefits, including the maintenance of healthy circulation, and the dilation of blood vessels which helps to enable better blood flow. It’s also great for your skin and hair health, and has multiple benefits for heart health.

Mango fruit Glutamine content improves brain function-

Glutamine is an amino acid that our body does not make on its own, which means we need to get it through our diet. Glutamine not only supports a positive mood and can help ease depression and anxiety, but Bottled Mango Juice it also improves brain function. It also is thought to help improve memory, and may even play a role in detoxification of the brain. This is because some of the glutamine you consume gets converted into glutamic acid, which is transported to the brain.

Once in the brain, glutamic acid binds to ammonia and helps to prevent ammonia buildup which can have any number of effects on our brain function. Glutamine also functions as a “brain fuel” which can help boost memory, cognitive function, concentration and basically any essential brain function.

Mango fruit Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and muscle health-

Potassium is a necessary mineral electrolyte for the function and efficiency of our muscles, and our heart rhythm as well. It also plays an important role in our blood pressure. The fact that mango's are rich in potassium a well as another heart health mineral magnesium, makes them an excellent choice for those concerned about heart health or blood pressure issues.

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