Monday 8 June 2015

Sweetness Richness Flavor of Mango

Fruits are favorites for everyone but if you are not fond to drink mango juices you are not a mango lover. It is easily understood that mangoes drink are the kings of fruits. Mango drinks are only fleshy stone fruits from the summer season that is why they are too popular all over the world. A survey indicates that every 2nd human being loves mango very much. Also, king cultivator of the mangoes drink is China but mangoes of India and Pakistan are considered best among the world.

A common mono embryonic cultivator is 'Alphonso', an important export product, considered as "the king of mangoes drink" Alphonso Mango is a seasonal fruit considered to be among the most superior varieties of the fruit in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor.

Indian mango is the only tree commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions, and its fruit is distributed essentially world-wide.

Fruit Juices In India

Summer is one of the only times when one can enjoy the true ecstasy of fresh mango juice. Usually bottled mango juices and mango drinks have a kind of uniform taste and flavor. But you can make fresh Fruit Juices In India at home with different types of mangoes, and enjoy different flavors in mango juice.

The mango is considered as one of the most delicious and healthiest fruits. The "king of the fruits" has a yellow, reddish orange or green skin and a deep yellow pulpy interior. This tropical fruit, originated in the Indian subcontinent's sub-Himalayan plains, has been cultivated in many regions of India as well as the tropical climates around the world.

Mango Pulp used for making the drinks is made from choicest mangoes brought from South India which is the World's largest producer of Mangoes. Assortment of juicy mango and other drinks offer essential minerals, antioxidants, fiber and vitamin A and C, and is an excellent way of repletion of lost potassium.'Alphonso' is one of the most popular cultivators. In 'Alphonso' mango, the lactones and furanones are synthesized during ripening; whereas terpenes and the other flavor ants are present in both the developing (immature) and ripening fruits

Right here you may find some benefits of consuming Mango Drinks:
  • It is abundant of dietary fibers, nutrients and vitamins
  • It can be wonderful source of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-B6
  • The research has shown that the mango fruit protects against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers
  • The mango improves Digestion
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • It is good for anemia, nursing simply because of its iron content. Also, the vitamin C inside the mango increases the absorption of the iron.
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Tuesday 2 June 2015

Body Health Benefits of Mango Fruit Juice

Fruits are favorites for everyone but if you are not fond to eating mangoes so I consider that you are not a complete fruit lover. It is easily understood that mangoes are the kings of fruits. I don't know why but people called it king of the fruits because of their types. I want to salute him who named this fruits as a "King of Fruits". Some Benefits of Mango Juice Brands fruits-

1. Mangoes Nourishes Skin
Mango is beneficial for skin health. It is a source of antioxidants which delays the onset of skin aging and pigmentation. Vitamin-C in mango helps in curing pimples and acne. It can be directly applied on the skin as it smoothen it and acts as a natural moisturizer. Antioxidants are responsible to protect against harmful free radicals which can cause skin cancer.  Vitamin-A and beta carotene helps in rejuvenating the skin and brings glow to the skin.

2. Mangoes for glowing & shining skin
Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A which makes the skin soft and shining. When the pulp of mango is rubbed over the skin, it makes your complexion fair and maintains the moisture and make the skin glow.

3. Body scrub
Make a paste of mashed mango Juice, honey and milk and use as a body scrub, you will feel that your skin is tender and smooth.

4. Alkalizes the body
According to natural health, mango juice is rich in tartaric acid, malic acid and traces of citric acid that primarily help in maintaining the alkali reserve of the body.

5. Weight loss
Mango has a lot of vitamins and nutrients that help the body feel fuller. Also, the fibrous fruit boosts the digestive function of the body by burning additional calories, helping in weight loss.

6. Eye care
Did you know that mango is rich in vitamin A. One cup of sliced mangoes equals 25% intake of your daily need of vitamin A. Mangoes help in promoting good eye sight, fights dry eyes and also prevent night blindness.

7. Strengthen bones:
Milk, which is the integral part of mango juice, is having vitamin D and calcium, helps in strengthening of bones.

8. Mango Juice are a rich source of Iron
Patients suffering from anemia are recommended to consume mangoes regularly. Women lose a large amount iron during their monthly period, so mangoes are a rich source of iron and should form a composite part of your daily diet. In case of pregnancy as well, eating mangoes could be good for your health as well as the babies.

9. Anti-ageing Benefits:
The antioxidants present in this fruit delay the onset of skin ageing and pigmentation. They also protect your skin against the harmful free radicals which can cause skin cancer. Vitamin C helps in curing pimples and acne. When applied directly, it smoothen out your skin and acts as a natural moisturizer.

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Monday 1 June 2015

Benefits for Lemon in summer seasons

  • Prevent kidney stones: Drinking one half-cup of lemon juice every day raises citrate levels in the urine. Studies have shown that this could protect against calcium stones in the kidney.
  • Soothe a sore throat: Mixing lemon juice with honey can help alleviate the discomfort that comes from a nasty sore throat.
  • Support weight loss: Beyond the old notion that the Master Cleanse was the only way lemons could help you lose weight, new studies have shown the ways lemon juice supports your goals. Mango Drinks Brands (Lemon juice) contains pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to aid in weight-loss struggles.  
  • Start your day right: Leave caffeinated drinks behind, and start your day off with hot water and fresh lemon juice to stimulate your digestive track and add vitamin C.
  • Stop an itch: When it comes to poison ivy or insect bites, rubbing lemon juice on the area can soothe the skin, since it has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.
  • Aids in digestion: Dr. Oz is a big believer in the power of lemon juice for weight loss. He suggests drinking a mixture of lemon juice and flaxseeds in order to eliminate waste more quickly from your body.
  • Anticancer properties: Studies have supported the anticancer activity of citrus liminoids, compounds that protect your cells from damage that can lead to the formation of cancer cells.
  • Potassium power: Bananas aren't the only way to get a big helping of potassium in your system. In addition to vitamin C, lemons offer 80 milligrams of this mineral that helps your body stay strong and nimble.
  • Bring down a fever: Forget the days of starving a fever! When your temperature goes up, drinking a lemon juice mixture can help bring your fever down faster.
  • Balance pH: While lemons may seem quite acidic, they're a surprisingly good source of an alkaline food that can help balance your body's pH.
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