Tuesday 25 November 2014

Mango Juice Improves Brain Health and Memory

Mango Juice have Vitamin-B6 is found in abundance in mango which helps in improving brain function. It helps in maintaining an efficient nervous system. It is a mood vitamin and enhances mood and controls stress. It is known as the energy builder and helps in building the communication between nerve cells. Glutamine acid is present in mango which improves concentration power and memory. Pyridoxine helps in the production of GABA hormone in the brain which is a neurotransmitter and helps in the development of brain. Muscle tone is regulated in its presence.

Promotes Brain Health -
Mangoes have abundant quantities of vitamin B-6, which is vital for maintaining and improving the brain’s function. These vitamins aid in the amalgamation of the major neurotransmitters that contributes in determining mood and the modification of sleeping patterns. Mangoes naturally provide significant quantities of this vitamin. With mangoes as a part of your diet, you can be assured of a healthy brain and effective nerve functioning. You will also be avoiding medicinal supplements, which have a long list of possible side effects. The Glutamine acid content in mangoes also improves concentration and the power of your memory.

Mango juice use in Mental Weakness -

Mango Juice contains a lot of glutamine acid an important protein for concentration and memory. Taking cup sweet Mango juice with 25 grams curd and tsp. Ginger juice 2 or 3 times a day controls loose motions. Boil 20 grams powder of Mango bark in a liter of water and reduce it to 250 gram. Taking this decoction with 1 gram of black salt cures diarrhea.

Mostly Enables Memory development - 
Brain development is also important in infants as body development. Brain functioning improves by consuming mangoes. Mangoes are rich in vitamin B-6 which helps in improved brain functioning. Apart from vitamin B-6, mangoes contain glut amine acid and it is known to improve memory and concentration.

Other Health Benefits Of Mango Juice -
  • Mango is Iron-rich: Mango is a rich source of iron and can prevent anemia. Mangoes help in increasing the red blood cells in the body and is recommended for pregnant women.
  • Mango improves Immunity: Mangoes help in increasing immunity of the body. It is rich in antioxidants and various minerals which aid in restricting microbial attacks and cell damages.
  • Mango is beneficial for eyes: Vitamin-A in Mango Juice And Mango Drinks helps promoting in eye health. Night blindness and eye dryness can be avoided by its intake.

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