Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Some Benefits of Lemon

Benefits of Lemon for Weight Loss
  • Drinking lemon water in the early morning is provides better help in losing weight faster, thus it is a very good home remedy for weight loss.
  • It flushes out all the body toxins and extra fat which makes it a good morning drink.
  • Fruit Juice In India (Nimbu) has digestive and liver cleanser properties which makes it good remedy for weight loss.
  • It has soluble fibers which make the stomach feel fuller for long time which results in eating less and prevents from overeating.
  • Lemon is a very good natural diuretic which helps in flushing out the excess body water weight through urine thus prevents from the bloating and puffiness and provides slimmer and fit look.
Benefits of Lemon for Diabetes
  • Soluble fibers found in lemon helps in slowing down the absorption rate of glucose in the body as well as maintaining the blood sugar level to prevent from the Type 2 Diabetes.
Benefits of Lemon during Pregnancy
  • Its high calcium level provides help in building strong bones among children if taken by the pregnant and lactating women.
Benefits of Lemon for Hair
  • It is a good treatment for the dandruff, if apply lemon juice with coconut oil as a hair mask. It moisturizes the dry scalp and makes you free from dandruff.
  • It provides natural shine to the hair and prevent from hair loss.
Benefits of Lemon Juice on Face
  • High citric acid availability in the lemon provides relief from the acne.
  • Vitamin C availability of the lemon makes the skin fair, blemishes free and glowing because of its alkaline nature which kills acne causing bacteria.
  • Applying fresh lemon juice to the acne area by cotton balls or fingers for whole night then wash in the morning provides better and sooner relief from the acne.
  • Applying fresh nimbu juice by mixing with rose water or honey to the affected areas for half an hour and two times a day also provides relief from the acne.
  • Applying paste of egg white and Fruit Juices In India to the face and wash with luke warm water helps in brightening the color.
Benefits of Lemon Juice on Skin
  • It is a good home remedy to make your face, hand or feet skin healthy, glowing, young and wrinkles free. It has citric acid (vitamin C) which is a best exfoliant and removes out the dead skin cells as well as enhances the skin renewal.
  • Soak your feet for 20 mins in the mixture of luke lemon juice water, olive oil and milk (1/4 cup) to remove out dead and cracked skin cells.
  • Lemon and sugar scrub is also a good exfoliant for toes. Scrub the feet with the mixture of brown sugar, olive oil, few drops of lemon essential oil. It softens your feet amazingly in any season.
Benefits of Lemon for Oral Health
  • It protects the teeth enamel if drinking, rubbing, chewing or rinsing mouth with lemon water half an hour before going to brush the teeth.
  • Lemon refreshes the one’s breath just after using any spices, alcohol or cigarettes.
  • It provides relief from the toothache by eliminating the pain and curing bleeding gums.
  • Rub the mixture of lemon juice and baking soda in equal proportions to get white teeth.

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