Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Mango Benefits for Women during Pregnancy and Menopause

Mango for Women during Pregnancy

Enhances RBC Production

Fruit Juice In IndiaCopper mineral found in it involves in many reactions with vital enzymes (cytochrome c-oxidase and superoxide dismutase) as a co-factor as well as enhances the production of red blood cells thus prevents from anaemia and dizziness during pregnancy.

Treats Anemia

Mango juices high iron and copper level helps women suffering from anemia during the pregnancy.

Reduces Risk of Birth Defects
Fruit Juice In India has good level of folates which helps infant to grow better and reduces the risk of birth defects like brain or spinal cord defects. Folates also help in RBCs formation, DNA synthesis and keeps cardiovascular functioning healthy.

Manages Blood Hemoglobin Level
Mango juice in Vitamin C found in it enhances the non-heme iron (plant food based iron) absorption in the body thus manages the blood hemoglobin level.

Mango for Women during Menopause

Mango juice Prevents from Old Age Stress- Menopausal women require more iron, calcium, folates and other vitamins to be healthy and getting prevented from the old age stress thus it can fulfill all the needs.

Mango for Women Improves Fertility

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Mango juice improves the fertility and reduces the risk of miscarriage among women as it contains folic acid and B group vitamins.

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