Thursday 31 August 2017

Best Selling Packaged Mango juice brands in India

Mango juice Product introduction
Mango is a Natural fruit juice with fruit aroma makes honeyed mouth feel. Taking slow matured mango as raw material, due to the growth period of slow matured mango is 40 day longer than the normal mango, photosynthesis takes long too, make the fruit contain more rich nutrients content,flavor more aromatic natural color more bright.

Mango Juice Brands In India

Ingredients: purified water, mango juice, fructose syrup, sugar, food additive (citric acid, pectin, xanthan gum, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose sodium, malic acid, citric acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, D different sodium ascorbic acid, vitamin C, Ann honey, aspartame (contain phenylalanine), potassium sorbate, beta carotene),edible essence.
Mango Drinks Suppliers
1.Mango Juice Drink High quality juice with good taste 
2.Bottled Mango Juice 100%pure healthy
3.Developing just the right taste to your market and customers.
4.Quality proof product control. Flexible production capacity with short lead time.
5.Competitive price vs product value.

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