Tuesday 7 October 2014

Variety Of Mangoes

Fruits are favorites for everyone but if you are not fond to eating mangoes so I consider that you are not a complete fruit lover. It is easily understood that mangoes are the kings of fruits. I don't know why but people called it king of the fruits because of their types. I want to salute him who named this fruits as a "King of Fruits".

Mango Drinks

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Mangoes have unlimited qualities which make them different from other seasonal fruits. Mangoes can be found in various colors and flavors. Some basic colors of the mangoes are green, yellow, red, brown, purple and orange. I think the yellowish color of the mangoes make them visible between other seasonal fruits but all of the colors are not too highlighted so we can rate excellence to its taste. Usually, mangoes can be grown under the summer season from March to July. But, the situation varies from the weather of different parts of the world.

Mango are the sweet fruit which have a lot of energy.This are very useful for our health and give so many benefits.

There are a lot of variety of mangoes. like-badami, totapari, neelam etc.there are so  many Different flavours of mango.Mangoes are eaten raw as well as ripe. Raw mangoes are green in color and are used for pickles or a tangy health drink called panna. This fruit is blessed and loaded with a lot of nutrition as follows Mango is the most nutritive of all the fruits as they contain about 20 types of vitamins and minerals.
They contain minerals like, iron, copper, potassium and some traces of a few minerals, like selenium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc and calcium are also seen.

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