Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mango Health Benefits for Diabetes, Digestive System and Immune system

Benefits of Mango Leaves for Diabetes
    Mango juice
  • Mango leaves are considered as the better treatment (home remedy) for the diabetic people. It helps in normalizing the blood insulin level in the body. Boiling some mango leaves in the water, left it for whole night and consumes the filtered mango leaves water in the early morning.
  • Mango fruit has slightly low glycemic index of 40 to 60 which is considered does not involve in increasing the blood sugar level if taken in limit.
  • It involves in the fat metabolism and reduces the blood level of the hormone called leptin (produced by fat cell) as well as lowers the blood glucose level.
  • It Juice Tetra Pack has soluble dietary fibers which involves in lowering down the blood glucose and cholesterol level.
  • It contains a special antioxidant called mangiferin helps in reducing the glucose absorption by the body as well as controls the secretion of enzymes enhancing carbohydrate digestion.
  • Drinking the boiled and cooled mango leaves (dried in shadow) water two times a day helps in curing diabetes.

Benefits of Mango for Digestive System
  • It has some necessary enzymes which involves in protein digestion thus helps in good digestion and elimination process.
  • It is the highest insoluble dietary fibers containing fruit which eases the process of digestion and elimination.
  • It is the best remedy to treat the acidity and poor digestion as it contains lots of enzymes having soothing effect on the stomach.
  • Its high fibers content prevents from the constipation and regularizes the elimination process.
  • It contains some bioactive components such as esters, aldehydes, terpenes and etc which have ability to enhance the appetite and improve digestion.

Benefits of Mango for Immune system
It is the good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, copper and variety of carotenoids which helps in boosting the immune system and prevents from various infections.

Mango juice

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