Friday, 9 October 2015

Health Benefits of Litchi

The summer season each year brings wafting memories of a juicy and luscious fruit called litchi. The origins of Litchi lie in southern China where as a crop it has been cultivated uninterruptedly for close to 2500 years. Its geographical propagation has been rather slow, which is due to the short life-span of its seed and the peculiar soil and climatic requirements associated with the plant.

Fruit Juices In India
A classical instance of this is India which is the second largest producer just behind China, but litchi farming is chronologically speaking, very recent having been introduced only sometime in the middle of the 1700's. Together China and India between themselves produce more than 90% of the world's Litchi, leaving the rest of the world far behind. In the backdrop of all this it is interesting to know the various cultivars and varieties which dot the world of Litchi farming. Most or all of them have their genesis probably in China but have been suitably bred and modified to thrive in countries of their adoption.

Litchi Prevents from Infection:
It contains high level of polyphenol called oligonol which has antioxidant and anti-influenza property and prevents from various infections.

Improve Body Resistance Power:
Litchi Tetra Pak Juice contains high level of vitamin C which enhances body resistance against various infections and prevents from harmful effects of free radicals.

Rich Source of B-complex Vitamins:
Litchi is the richest source of B-complex vitamins which act as co-factors in the metabolic reactions to metabolize the food elements such as carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

Improves Healthy Blood Circulation to Whole Body:
Oligonol polyphenol found in it helps in improving the blood circulation, reducing weight and protecting skin from the ultraviolet sun rays.

Litchi Energetic Fruit:
Litchi helps in removing out the extra body fat, enhances body stamina, reduces weakness and other problems.

Prevents from Seasonal Problems:
Litchis high level of vitamin C boosts the immunity level of the body and prevents from the common seasonal problems like cold, cough, fever, sore throat, and etc.

Relieves Pain and Inflammation:
Litchi has natural property to provide relief from the pain caused due to the swollen glands or abdominal pain or inflammations.

Burns Extra Body Fat:
Litchi contains a compound called oligonol which helps in decreasing the extra fat in the body, enhancing blood circulation to the extremities, decreasing the post-exercise exhaustion and enhancing body stamina.

Rich Source of Beta-Carotene:
Fruit Juices In India contains high amount of beta-carotene which has anti-oxidant property thus provides numerous health advantages such as improving body immunity, slowing down the occurrence of various age related diseases like cataracts, cardiovascular problems, cancers and etc.

Manage Fluid Balance and RBC Count:
Litchi contains good level of potassium and copper which helps in managing the body fluid balance and manufacture of red blood cells.

Treats Diabetic Complications:
Litchi helps in treating some complications among diabetic people such as blindness, nerve damage and etc.

Provides Therapeutic Effects:
Litchi has wonderful therapeutic effects because of its anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial to treat tumors, gastralgia, gland enlargements and etc.

Prevents from Viral Infections:
Litchi has anti-viral property due to the availability of phytochemicals like proanthocyanidins thus prevents from viral problems like influenza, herpex, coxsackie and etc.

Litchi fruit Juice Everyday- Fruit Juice In India has both positive and negative aspects thus it should be eaten within limit and according to the body health and requirement. A person suffering from any health disorder especially diabetes must take care of while eating or must consult to doctor before eating on daily basis. However a normal and healthy person can eat 5-6 litchis on daily basis to get all the beneficial health effects.

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