Sunday 16 November 2014

Mango Juice Benefits In Diabetes

Good remedy for diabetes
  • Diabetes is not a condition that one can ignore or consider trivial. The condition is essentially a disorder that is characterized by excess amounts of blood sugar leading to serious medical complications such as damaged blood vessels. Some of the more common causes of diabetes include: high cholesterol, hereditary, insulin resistance and high blood pressure. There are three main types of diabetes type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes in pregnant women.
  • In order to control the blood sugar levels properly, one needs to be careful of the different kinds of sugar ingested meaning that a number of sweet foods will have to be avoided. When discussing about diet for diabetics, most people wonder if mangoes for diabetics are safe.

Mango juice still Leaves For Diabetes
  • One of the best natural treatments is to use mango leaves for diabetes. You just need to boil about three or four mango leaves and drink the water. The benefits of mango leaves for blood sugar have been ascertained after lot of research. 
  • The research substantiates that the medicinal properties contribute to the lowering of the blood sugar levels within the body. For better results, you should try soaking the leaves over the course of the night in water and consume the solution early the next morning. Ensure that you consume the solution on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Mango Juice Diabetes Prevention and Management 
  • Further Mango Juice research is still ongoing, but some studies have already revealed that mangoes are a great natural remedy for diabetes. It was a long-told myth that diabetic patients should avoid mangoes because of its sweet taste  now it is being shown that other than the fruit, the mango leaves are also helpful in curing diabetes. Place 10 or 15 mango leaves in warm water and close it with a lid before going to bed. 
  • In the morning, drink the water on an empty stomach after filtering the leaves. Regular practice of this method has shown positive results for diabetic patients in the management of their blood sugar levels.

Mango Juice for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  • Besides treatment of the condition with mango juice and mango leaves, there are a number of other natural remedies that can be used in treatment of the condition. For instance, bitter melon is known to be very effective when it comes to lowering blood sugar levels within the body. 
  • Simply consuming about 50 to 60 ml of extracted bitter melon juice is proven to do wonders for diabetics. Introducing larger quantities of onion and garlic to your regular diet is also known to be a very effective way of adapting your diet to help treat the condition. They can also be made into juices for easier consumption. 
  • The fact that soya bean is very rich in calcium, protein and vitamin A means that it is very beneficial when dealing with diabetes and should be included in your daily dietary intake as much as possible. Another very effective home remedy when it comes to dealing with diabetes is to simply eat a few soaked almonds early in the morning.  But you could also try drinking a glass of Mango juice or Mango Drinks on a regular basis.

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